Monday, April 26, 2010

Taxing Stuff - the daily grind :-)

We'll try ANYTHING to survive the computation of taxes for all this "independent contractor" stuff around here! I thought a chocolate chip per line might brighten the process. :-) (More tangible than "think happy thoughts.")

Uh oh. Looks like slightly sick and definitely crazed expressions still betray our fuddled mental states.

Connor's got a good plan. Everything's better with a puppy. Well -- not true, really. I can think of plenty of stuff that's NOT better with a puppy. But, geometry with its congruence theorems is actually served well by the presence of a warm fuzzy snuggly pooch, according to Connor (except when pencils, protractors, and compasses prove to be excellent puppy-teething aids). And when all else fails, just take a nap.

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