Saturday, April 24, 2010

Neighborhood Outreach

About a week before Easter we hosted an outreach to present the truth of the Resurrection to our neighbors. (Big thanks to Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Evans for their ideas and administrative gifts!) Preparations were needed, and lots of folks from the church pitched in! Who knew that so much could be constructed from paper bags -- story books (above) and baskets (below).

Gathering clip art for the presentation of the Story.

The day of the event arrived, and after a sparse start (maybe 4 kids and a mom) we eventually had about 45-50 neighbors.

Let the games begin!

Easter tattoos (with sponges and water :-), sidewalk chalk, drawing, crafts, snacks - with the truth of the Resurrection intertwined and then presented with visual aids (a thorn, a nail, etc) by Mr. Evans.

Gustavo sporting his He is Risen "tattoo."
This was the start of the egg relay. The little ones decided it made no sense to try to balance the egg on the spoon; just HOLD it on! (There are some real cutie-pies around here! :-)

(Mrs. Myers can draw anything! Here, helping to fill the time before our official 'start.')

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