Thursday, March 25, 2010

The long awaited visit

After months of looking ahead to Max, Jenny, and Graham's visit, they came and are now back home again. It went by far too quickly, but it was lovely nonetheless. Graham has grown so much! And it's amazing how much is going on in that little noggin of his. :)
We went to pick them up in Sacramento and they then stayed at the Parishes for a few days during which they held the Return to Manhood conference. After that was over, they came to our house for a few days and at the end of their stay Mrs. Parish, Sally, and the Littles took them back to fly out of Sacramento. It was a sad goodbye, but I have my tickets to see them this Summer!

One happy Auntie :)

First In-N-Out burger :)

Goofing off with Uncle Connor

sisters, happy to be together again

Uncle Connor's so funny :-p

"Can I have a kiss?"

Uncle Simon comes to take them out to the property for the weekend

An Auntie's heaven

Serving dinner to the conference attendees

The dinner roll queen (she made 200!)

The guys enjoyed jammin'

Great times with Grandpa :)

"There's a cow!!"

...the things we do to get a baby to laugh. :-p

Grandpa's so funny

just like old times :)

Graham joins in the song

watchin' a movie

dog tired

Graham LOVED spaghetti factory (we bought their sauces, cheese, and dressing, and took it home to enjoy)

Space Mission Graham-O-Man

Catchin' up on world news

More kisses :)

Snuggles and Snacks

Sweet, sweet Sally

awwww :)

The guys singing a new song that dad found

Stories with Grandma Sandy

Uncle Simon playing "Jesus Loves Me" for the Littles

almost time to say goodbye



lizibeth said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful visit!!! and Graham is the cutest little man .... :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

OH! Those are DARLING! I even dragged Jamie in here to look and he stayed for the whole thing! So many, MANY REALLY cute shots. Especially loved Graham looking out the window and his little sleeping face with the furrowed brow. But there were LOTS of great shots I kept having to revisit. Lovely post, Kaylee. Great job. ALMOST felt like I was there. :)

The Parish Clan said...

Oh what special memories! I'm so glad we were able to spend some time as a big family all together before Max and Jenny left. What a blessing, blessing is the gift of family!

I love that picture series of Graham and your Dad. SO cute!