Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back from Blogger's Block

"Hi! I'm good! You? Great! Haven't seen you in a while. What's up? wow. Neat. What about me?? Let's see. hmm, that's funny.....can't call anything to mind just now. Well, gotta go. Bye :)."

And so it goes. The typical conversational "remember 'what's up'" block. As it happens, the same symptom that causes that in small talk has kept me from blogging (well, to be honest, I just needed a better starter than "Laziness and How It Affects Blogging.")

Well, no, it's true. As I've looked through pictures and the such, there hasn't been much that pops out as blog material. Or if we did do something that was blog worthy, we forgot the camera.

But days pass and things go on despite the absence of extensive photographic evidence so...

"Here's what happened..." (Adrian Monk :-p)

Grandma and Grandpa McCracken came to visit "Sunny" California ;) We had a wonderfully relaxing week doing lots of not much. We talked, laughed, played games, sang, had a delicious (truly delectable) meal at Sweet Tomatoes along with many delightful ones at home, enjoyed the quirks of "Monk" on top of the games in Vancouver, and simply (and most of all) basked in each other's company and God's goodness to us.

I have a puppy. :) You knew that, but I thought I'd just throw that in there since she's been a bright part ("biting" part?? :-p) of our lives for the past few months. ("Polly? Poooolly? *:-0* Polly! NO. Drop the sock. Drop it. Good girl! Ouch! Ouch! Let go of me!".......and so on :-p)


JENNY'S COMING! (Can't leave that out). She and Max and Graham will be here in approximately....*checking clock*.....2 days, 19 hours, and 27ish minutes. (if I calculated correctly) :) yes, I'm counting. I'm more excited than...than....than a normal excited person...usually is....:)

Speaking of Jenny coming, the reason they're coming is because the Parish family is holding another Return to Manhood conference (go to to register. Come on out! It's for everyone AND it's completely FREE!) and mom and I are baking cookies! Hundreds of cookies! Scads of cookies! Cascades, mountains, cloudbursts of...*ahem*...yes, moving on. In other words, the house has smelled of chocolately sweetness and other like goodies for the past couple days. In fact, I had a grand old time just the other afternoon when all others were out and about. I whipped up a double batch of cocoa-y, weep-when-you-mix-it-because-it's-just-so-beautiful-and-you-just-have-to-have-a-taste-oooor-two dough and then proceeded to watch the Princess Bride in 10-15 minute increments. It went something like this:
"True love is the greatest thing in the world! ....except for a nice MLT, mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, when the mutton is niiiice and leeeeean, and the tomatoes ripe, so perky, I love that. But that's not what he said! He distinctly said, 'BEEEEEPPP, BEEEEEPP.'"
And so I'd pause the movie, make my way to the kitchen , take out the cookies, set the timer for another 10 minutes to let them cool and skip back to the sofa where my groggy puppy waited to be curled back into my lap for the next short segment of the Princess Bride. I enjoyed this thoroughly, and it got the cookies made, which was the intent. :)

Well, enough for now. :) I actually intended to put the pictures at the top of this post down here.....but this is blogger and it wouldn't let me since I had already entered text. So I'll end with that.


The McCracken family said...

Hi Kaylee,
Grandma H. didn't comment here, but she DID see your blog - and said she knew that it was you writing as soon as she started reading it :-)

I love you, Sweet Bean.
mom <3

teters4 said...

Kaylee, It was nice reading your blog again...I've been so delinquent in blog reading. I'm not blogging much these days so I'm not seeing much. Reading yours makes me want to do a little catching up. I love reading about your all are a special family and God's love just shines through you. You inspire soooooo many around you! We are so BLESSED to have you as our friends! :)

The Parish Clan said...

You are so much fun Kaylee! I love the way you write.

A HUGE thank-you for the beautiful cookies! What a blessing that was, and such a gift of your time and effort.

Love you lots!