Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Taxes! Taxes!"

I knew that taxes were inevitable. You work, you pay. But man, they are not up my alley. I have phobias. I think lots of people do and just don't admit it. Well, I have a taxes-phobia (among others - bankphobia, deepseacreaturephobia, arachnophobia, conductyourbusinessandsoundintelligentintheprocessphobia, etc.). All that official paper work is overwhelming to the point that I could curl up in a ball and go nuts. (If anyone finds me in said state, you'll know the reason.) :-) Dad was nice enough, though, to do the bulk of the grunt work and just called me to go over everything, explain the process and have me write checks and sign papers. I love my dad :-)
And don't get me wrong - I am VERY grateful for the job I have. I have been so blessed to get to do something I love for a job in these days where finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack. God has been very good to me! It's just the taxes that make my skin crawl. Like I said, it's just not up my alley....... (I probably PAID for that alley....:-p)


teters4 said...

You are so funny, Kaylee! I love to read your entertaining, just like your mom. We have to confess that we hired someone to do our taxes this year, so Jen's got done by the "pro" too. Probably a good thing too, especially when she found out that she had to PAY! I'm sure she would have questioned our tax skills had we not hired it out. LOL We would have too! Oh the joys of self employment...well and working for Team Ministries where they don't hold out taxes for you. Mrs. T :)

Simon said...

I love your face in the first photo Kaylee. You look so enthused! :-P