Monday, April 6, 2009

"Return to Manhood" conference

Two weekends ago, the Parishes hosted a conference called "Return to Manhood." Several dads addressed the men and encouraged them and pointed them to scripture on the subject of godly manhood. God provided the perfect weekend with beautiful weather and a wonderful turnout of families. God really blessed every little tiny detail. How good He is!
Like Sally says in her post regarding this same event, we, too, have a shortage of "guy" photos. You'd think we'd have more of those considering how many guys were there for the conference. But, alas, when the girls have the camera, the lens tends to point toward babies and littles and landscapes....:-) We did catch the guys in a couple, though.

See? See? There were guys there!

Simon and the littles on the swing Simon made

dramatic readings of Curious George

and everyone's gotta have some Graham time :-)

sweet Olivia

Oh, how I love him!

Aunt Lilly and her niece :-) Jaelyn

time with Aunt Sally

some more "men" at the conference

I just love talking with Sally - and doing so under the vast expanse of the starry night sky was icing on the cake. (though I should use a better metaphore cuz...I'm not all that fond of icing....well unless it's penuche) :-) This was taken on the evening before the conference. We had gone out that day to work in the shop and set up.


emily said...


Thank you for your sweet post on my blog. It's so nice to hear things like that. You have a beautiful family! Oh, and thank you for the blog recommendation! I am excited to look through your friend's blog!

Thank you again!

The Parish Clan said...

What fun to see your pictures of that special weekend. Yes, Kaylee, Graham definitely looks like you. Those photos of you together are so cute!
And I love spending time with YOU! Especially star-gazing . . . :-)