Sunday, July 22, 2007

Please Pray...

Debra and Norman sitting by a campfire

Our dear friends, the Goehrings (seen above - Norman and Debra, and their girls Ariel, 15, and Caitlin, 12) are having to walk one of the most difficult roads and all of us who love them are suffering with them and asking God for mercy and wisdom. Norman was diagnosed with Lou Goehrigs disease (ALS) in January and since then the disease has progressed rapidly. He's scheduled for a tracheotomy tomorrow (Mon. July 23) at 1 pm, following an incident last Thurs. that caused him to be intubated (following the insertion of a feeding device in his stomach, his heart and respiration stopped... he now has a breathing tube which the doctors say should be removed by Tues, necessitating a tracheotomy if he is to live any longer).

It's very difficult to watch people suffer - and we ask anyone who reads this to implore God on these dear friends' behalf. They need "peace that passes understanding". We only know of one source for that... so go there boldly with us. You can imagine the many needs and burdens of the four in this family. Please pray that their faith in God would hold firm... what a challenge for anyone, and especially for 2 young girls, 15 and 12.

Thank you for your prayers.

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