Friday, July 20, 2007


Four nun friends

It was funny rehearsing the waltz in our nun outfits.

Jenny and Daddy

Oh my!!! What is that nun doing???


hubers said...

Hey guys! I just found your blog :)
Looks like you all are having a blast living in the "Sound of Music world!" Hope everything is going well.

It was fabulous meeting your family...hope we can get to know each other better in the future.


Parish Family said...

The show has been splendid! :-) It's been so fun to be able to share in the excitement of the rehearsals and whirl of activity these past few months with you all. The pictures are cute!

Much love,

The McCracken family said...

Oh my goodness -- you mean people actually SEE this blog? :-) Wow!

We enjoyed meeting you, too, Nikkae! And we've been enjoying sharing this Sound of Music show with friends who've been coming. Finally a few days off now (to rest our feet!) before next weekend.