Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Around the house, and various performances

Molly is a shameless beggar. We taught her to "say please." Now her usage of the trick is frequent and more to the tune of "gimme gimme." In this instance, "I'd like some of those purdy mashed taters, if'n you don't mind." :-p

She has also mastered the "heart-melting snuggle/grovel" technique. :) Sometimes I think she's a little too cute for her own good.

At this semester's community choir/command performance, Connor was asked to play a piece (Tarantella, by William Henry Squire) . He's excelled in his studies, loves his instrument, and performed beautifully. Well done, Connor.

And then there are my ballet students who just did their Fall ballet recital - A Thanksgiving Portrait. Above are my oldest level girls (ballet 1). They performed as a Prayer of Thanksgiving.
( A BIG thank you to Mrs. Ridley for the use of her photos!)

These girls are some of my Indians (pre-ballet). Such sweethearts :)

And this is one of my four Pilgrims (also pre-ballet). I can't get over how adorable their costumes turned out. :)

introducing my classes

two of my older dancers

My Harvest dancers getting ready (beginning ballet)

tendu! :)

The program

One of the top 10 ways to brighten my day :)

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Gabs said...

I enjoyed the post Kaylee. Your students are adorable!