Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day (from me... and to me)

To my mom -
who likes to find that a new blog has been posted.
(I should print these photos for you, shouldn't I?!)
And to me -
a reminder of the treasures that I've been given.
Mommy kisses and Auntie kisses

Licia Clark and Graham yucking it up
Not graduated yet -- but heading to the park for class photos

In the same sink his mommy was bathed in :-)

Tim and I sang with the PSCA community choir.

The guys' ensemble (Peoples School of Creative Arts) that Tim put together and directed.

Tim - a treasured gift for our family. He, by God's grace, loves us with all his heart. And we have given him ours. We know him to be a gentle shepherd - and good, and wise. We trust him to lead us, knowing that he follows the true Shepherd and calls us to follow, too. Thank you, Tim, for rejoicing with us when we rejoice, and weeping with us when we weep. (Isn't it odd how rejoicing and weeping aren't always all that many days - or hours - apart?!) I suppose this could sound like a Father's Day tribute, but if it weren't for you, Tim, I wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day with this precious family. So, Happy Mother's Day to me!! And Happy Mother's Day to you, too, mom!



fatquiver said...


The Werzinskis said...

What a lovley post Mrs. McCracken. All the pictures are beautiful.


Max and Jenny said...

Beautiful post mama!!! I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day!


The McCracken family said...

And happy mother's day to YOU, JENNY! I love you.