Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Camera!!! (and some much needed "ketchup" )

It is high time for a new blog post. :-) I do have a tendency to delay posting until I end up with so much to post that it covers pages and pages. :-)

"Wellllll....." you ask, "what's new????"


-I got a new camera for my b-day!!!

-Dad and Connor and I went skiing (a first for Connor and me).

-I am teaching pre-ballet to adorable little girls

-I turned 17!

-We documented "Fat Tuesday" (not that Tuesday, in and of itself, is particularly "new":-))

-Connor participated in FPU's strings day

-Max and Jenny had their "groomsmen's dinner"

-I am writing a research paper on Lady Jane Grey

Well, there's everything in one breath and not in any particular order or anything.

Now I'll explain a little more with some pictures.....

These are some of the first experimental pictures that I took with my new camera.

I still have lots to learn about all the different settings that my camera has, but I am having a blast experimenting.

We all had a great time skiing. Even though it was a first for Connor and me, we enjoyed the day in the mountains thoroughly.

from the lift

the lesson ( "pizza! pizza! pizza!" )

Shaver Lake at sunrise

We basically lived off of string cheese that day.

and........well.....just make a wild guess and you'll probably be right

And now for my adorable pre-ballet students. I have loved teaching these girls. It's so much fun to hear them repeating all the French words and combinations.

"plie! echappe saute! plie! and stretch!"

It was such fun to celebrate my 17th birthday with a celeidh. (hmmm...did I spell that right? With those kinds of words there is always that possibility of needing "l-m-n-o-p" somewhere in there along with some random "z"s and "w"s. :-) I was still just learning how to use my camera that evening, so some of the pics didn't turn out that great.

Mrs. Clark had to eventually come to the stage and clap out the beat so that we didn't get off.

The sweethearts

what dancing does to Timmy

Words just aren't needed

playing with Mr. Potato head

Dancing the "Lizzy/Darcy dance" with Dad and Mr. Davis

We forgot to bake a they sang "happy birthday" to me and gave me a quarter of a Costco muffin with a candle in it. :-)

And then there's FAT TUESDAY.....( beginning at 8am and ending at 8pm.)

Writing class

My writing instructor

Girls ensemble

Connor's attempt at waltzing with three girls at one time. This was in the evening after community choir.

Max and Simon played a little bit after community choir

Some much needed "sister" time

Connor, Simon, and Nichole at the FPU strings day evening concert

On Friday, Max and Jenny had Max's groomsmen over (minus Jeremy because he was sick) to dinner to thank them. Sally and Kendra and I helped with some cooking, baking, and other preparations and got to join in on the delicious meal, too. We enjoyed some singing afterwards with Max at the piano, Garrett and Aaron on guitar, and Simon on his Cello.

Kisses from Auntie Sally

Jaelyn's perspective

Olivia could win a "great facial expressions" award if there was one

And of course there's school, too. Right now I am doing a research paper on Lady Jane Grey.

"Black Monday"

February 12, 1554
Lady Jane Grey (Dudley) - Queen of England for nine days, executed for "treason", and a moving example of faith even unto death


Aaron said...

Connor... you're... making... me.... jealous...

The Werzinski's said...

The post was well worth the wait! I just love reading long posts. Tell Connor we all hope he feels better and are praying for him.
We very much enjoyed celebrating with you for your 17th bithday.
Hope to see you all soon
Kayla Werzinski

Garrett said...

Thems is some pretty perty pictures!

Thanks for the update! And thanks for not posting any other pictures of my tired self from Friday!

"Connor... you're... making... me.... jealous..."

You must understand... Aaron has been wanting to break his arm for a long time now.


fatquiver said...

I had not heard about Connor's arm! So sorry! No wonder we didn't see you in the afternoon!

Loved the blog...I was supposed to be correcting schoolwork. So much for that! Back to work for me.

Mrs. Esau

The McCracken family said...

Wondering if there were any other comments... and here's one, but it's just lil ol me. :-)(kind of like leaving a sticky note on your pillow. I could do that, too, with a little read heart on it.)

I sure enjoy your posts, my blogging bean - and I think you do a great job with the little tutu-clad girlies -- and I'm glad for your perseverance in writing and research (and if you're reading this, Max,thanks for helpful tips -- and "hi" Jenny :-)

Love you, sweetie! (Grandma H. likes to read your posts, too! Hi mom :-)


Parish Family said...

Kaylee, what a great job! You took some beautiful photos with your new camera. I especially like the one of the music notes by the piano. :-) We sure have shared some special events haven't we? Praise the Lord!