Friday, November 23, 2007

Partyin' at the Park

Connor is 14!!! He decided that he wanted to go to the park with some friends for a fun time of games and (what else!?) food. It was really fun following the guys around as they played games of skill and strength.

Some height was needed to tape up the "Happy Birthday" banner. This is was our solution. :-)The goal of the game was to get the 3 ping-pong balls out of the canisters with cupfulls of water. The hard part? There were holes in the bottom of the canisters. One guy had to run down to the stream while their team-mate had to cover the holes with his fingers. After the one poured the water in the can, he had to switch positions with his parter as water came streaming out of the holes. The guys got very wet, needless to say. :->Explaining the gameConnor demonstrating How ya doin' Matt? ;-)
The Smith girls sat by me and giggled at the boys getting steadily wetter as I took pictures.Can you say "egg toss?" Ooo Tim. What a trooper.The "humble" winners of the final roundMatt thought that it might be a good idea to work out before the tug-o-war game over the stream. "106...107...108..." :-)Found in the stream where they would be playing. hmmm...
" And now men, lets talk about the consequences of deserting...."
Capture the flagRun Hunter!!
Joy was rockin' out :-)


Garrett said...

Happy Birthday Connor! (was it the 23rd?)

I always hate the thought of those messy birthday parties... but I usually come out the dirtiest in the end! So much fun :).

At a recent birthday we did one of those horrible whipped cream pie games. You had to find a little piece of gum with just your mouth, bazooka no less, and blow a bubble before anyone else.

I think I was one of the first to get the piece of gum into my mouth, but my exuberant chewing, to get the gum ready for blowing, earned me a bite that had me bleeding a good bit... a real good bit.

Anywho, not to dissuade you from adventurous, messy, and potentially harmful birthday parties... I'm just glad you made it out alive ;)


The McCracken family said...

It was actually the 4th of Nov. Mom thought you were asking if he was turning 23. Ha!